The Best Preachers in the World Today

8 04 2010

I have been asked to put together a list of my favorite well known preachers in the world, and why i think so. so here it is. no order. just a list. I hope you enjoy:

  1. Mark Driscoll ( Mark is relavent, incredibly biblical, has great theology, and his teaching is straight forward, understandable, and even appeals to the un-saved. He is a great man of God dispite what many judge from his unusual style of preaching.
  2. John Piper ( John is more traditional in his style but is also biblical and theologically correct. His preaching is annointed and plucks at the heart of all who listen.
  3. Ed Young Jr. ( Ed is a great guy. He is a great evangelical preacher who loves God and has a style of preaching that is fresh, passionate, and fun. He has great theology and though he leans a little more seeker sensitive, he is one of the coolest pastors I know.
  4. Fred Price ( Fred is an old charasmatic preacher. However, he is one of the most biblical charasmatics I have ever seen. His preaching is so great. I understand it. He is theologically amazing. Check him out, and dont let his charasmatic label scare you.
  5. T.D. Jakes ( Now this one may surprise you. T.D. is not a great theological source at all. But he does preach the gospel truth and the annointing on him is so powerful. Dont throw the baby out with the bath water on some of these guys.
  6. C.J. Mehaney- ( I have heard CJ preach once in my life and it was powerful, relevant, doctirnal, and simply Christ-Centered. Great man of God!
  7. Brian Huston
  8. David Anderson
  9. Vodie Baucham
  10. Matt Chandler

Sorry. My battery is running low. so there is my list!

Thats the way it is.




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